The Pygmalion Contest: Win $300 for Your Short Story!

  The Contest: Write a 5,000 word or less short story about the myth below. Deadline: October 31, 2016, by midnight Entry fee: FREE! Prize: $300 (I know, I know . . . I said the last contest we held would be the last [...]

An End to Ares Consciousness: Shifting Out of Our Constant Need to Fight Each Other

   * So I was meditating with the energy of Aphrodite’s archetype (that would be love). And I was wondering about how to infuse our daily experience with love, both on an individual and global level. It’s key for humanity [...]

Artemis: An Archetype Profile

Artemis is the fiercely independent goddess of nature, and the twin sister of the god Apollo. And like Apollo, she’s known for being antisocial and preferring her solitude. But whereas Apollo retreats to his penthouse office on the top [...]

The Cassandra Contest Results

    Thanks to everyone who entered a short story to the Cassandra Contest! I really enjoyed reading all of your stories, and I’m so happy to say that there’s a winner—Jesse Campodonico won $100 for the story, [...]

The Niobe Contest! Win $300 for Your Mythic Short Story

  * The Contest: Write a 5,000 word or less short story about the myth below. Deadline: August 31, 2016, by midnight Entry fee: FREE! Prize: $300 Visa eCard * The Myth Amphion and Niobe were king and queen of Thebes. [...]

We’re turning this story into a short film! Want us to do the same for yours?

Mythraeum is a small production and publication LLC with a focus on mythology. We hold short story contests based on mythology every two months. Once a year, we’re producing one of the six winning contest entries as a short film. The [...]

He Caught a Child Predator…and is Being Sued for It?

  image from Anxiety War and GoFundMe I used to write about human trafficking and sexual predators a lot on Social In, and have since moved on to other topics. Doing so much research and writing on such a heavy topic just took such a toll [...]

For Those Who Love History . . . and Drinking

  Alcohol doesn’t exactly have a reputation for making us smarter. But I have to admit that when a cute bartender served me bourbon while telling me about the history and distillation process of said bourbon . . . it made me feel [...]

District Apollo: Artemis vs. Apollo Contest runner up!

Jesse’s story was a runner up in the Artemis vs. Apollo Short Story Contest. I loved the setup—a contest of superiority between brother and sister, with their personalities fairly jumping off the page. I laughed out loud in several [...]

Greed and Grief: Artemis vs. Apollo Runner Up!

Jarrett’s story was an honorable mention in the Artemis vs. Apollo Contest. I love the epic poetry angle he took! It’s so much fun to read. His imagery and adjectives are charming, both where he calls on classic uses [...]