Undoing the Messages of a Lifetime

By KM Huber Once again, there has been a mass shooting in the United States. As a Zen Buddhist, my position is obvious. This post is about revolutionary acts that involve a call to the heart. I am not the first to do so or, unfortunately, the [...]

The Rose-Colored Glasses of If Only

By KM Huber “If only” is a realm where life is always contained. In this world, I create the scenario to prove that what I want is all I will ever need. No matter how complex or basic, each scenario is based upon life already experienced. Let [...]

Feeding a Craving is Feeding the Ego

By KM Huber We experience the world around us with and through a physical body, no less unique than Zen, our meditative state. Both provide sustenance for the mind-body. In meditation, there is being; in feeding and caring for the body, there [...]

The Question That Gives Pause

By KM Huber Recently, I came across a quotation that considered the effect of one question as a way to give pause when facing a tense moment, when feeling anger or aggression, whenever there is pain. The question? “What else might this [...]

Co-Existing With Your Ego: Let it Be

By KM Huber As much as I would like to do away with all artificial constructs of time,  the best I can do is settle into 24 hours, immersing myself in the amount of time most assured to me, a single day. Within these hours, I am not pushing, [...]

Impermanence on the Fly

By KM Huber I grew up in a high plains desert where rivers rush, streams gush. Ponds are few. In the Rocky Mountain West, water is on the go, impermanence on the fly. Now, my home is the meandering rivers and ponds of the Florida panhandle, [...]

Aging and Birthdays: Pretty Good So Far

By KM Huber This past week I marked my 63rd birthday. It was a week of gifts–each thoughtful, unique. It is humbling, this great exchange of good feeling. The joy lasts more than a single day or week. It is what fills the years of [...]

Reality is Messy But it Offers Options

By KM Huber Working with the reality we have is a bit of a slippery slope as joy never seems to stay long enough while pain never seems to leave soon enough. Reality—the moment–is all we ever have. For however long it lasts, it is [...]

Connection is Our Outlet for Outrage

By KM Huber If we do not have a reverence for all life, does any life really matter? Having reverence for life is to extend good manners to every being on this planet. Having reverence for life means that we understand there is an energy that [...]

Are You Living a Life of Signal Static?

By KM Huber More and more I am struck by the number of signals we receive on any given day. Yet, just because a signal is sent does not mean it is received. It can get lost in signal static. How we receive signals certainly colors what we send, [...]